Wajir East Politics.

OK Wajir Easterners and fellow Northern Kenyans. Lets debate with facts, please respect one another and no name calling period.

The topic of discussion is, was the election of Hon.Elmi better for Wajir East or not?

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  1. During the election, wajir East voters wanted change after ten years of mismanaged leadership.
    As things stand, im afraid mr Elmi may not make the the change we really need.
    After his appoinment as a minister for the region he hails from and one year down the line,the guy is hardly heard and seen.In a nut shell we are where we were on 27th Dec 2007.Its high time we change the nature of northern politics.

    Ahmedkadar Ali

    • I agree. He even perfected dividing the area into two, the people into two and the resources entrusted with him to only four individuals.

      • Fai is just a tribalist. Imagine he allocates resources based on ones clan, Resources for all! What a poor fellow! Who said he is not corrupt? he is misusing CDF!. I am disappointed.

  2. well it has started for us to see the change we were asking. it early to comment but at least we
    are better off. no more divide and rule, petty policiting, clan divisions . As for 2012 game plan
    we will complete and may best win. Fellow constituents lets put our ideas together with out
    involving the political leader and we can reach our development targets.

  3. well it has started for us to see the change we were asking. it is early to comment but at least we
    are better off. no more divide and rule, petty policiting, clan divisions . As for 2012 game plan
    we will complete and may the best win. Fellow constituents lets put our ideas together with out
    involving the political leader and we can reach our development targets.

    • Ahmad Garat, Brother, this of course has nothing to do with re election. We will like to know if the mheshimwas election was positive etc. still thanks for posting.

  4. Lets give Fair a chance to prove his worth. The man has was elected because of his imbeccable record of intergrity and humility and readiness to serve. I prefer to wait rather than rush into a conclusion and value judgement.

  5. This is understandble. keep going folks

  6. Five years is nt yet over lets waith the out come changes is coming the reason is due 2 the coalition govement i hope Elim could bring change bt no goverment in kenya lets gve time.no scrambling of cdf bursary,cdf contract,peace in the region and sacking deptmental heads frm job inshallahi and i belief.

  7. Though it is two years down the lane we can’t again rush to conclusion but what somebody has been yesterday is what he/she is today,i therefore say mr Fai is not an aggressive man who can get us our share from the govt. We need an MP who can air our greviances in the parliament so that we get our share since parliament is where the govt resources are distributed/allocated to the deserving regions.We need men who will convince every minister in the govt to allocate atleast some amount for wajir.Otherwise he is a transparent man.As for us, we suppose to come up with viable projects that will benefit us all.We should come together decide for our town plan and the manifesto for wajir east we dont have to wait it from those contesting only.Development comes from the people but Mps act as catalysts.

    • Brother Ibrahim Mude. Change comes with thin. For the Mheshimiwa to suceed, we first of all need to change the aTTITUDES of the people of wajir. Personally, Our people need to focus more on economic and enterprenual solutions than government ones.

      Hon.Fai, will of course need to be “meel gal gal”, like Keynan, it sure wouldve helped.

  8. we at the mid of mohamamed fai’s term but yet no tangible change in the constituency. number of jobless youth in the constituency are rapidly increasing to an extent that they lost hope in the minister and formed their own organization to fight for their rights.Compare to other constituencies, students hailed from wajir east are least assisted in raising their university fees.constituency development fund are misused by few unqualified individuals who have no management background.Mr Elmi even is not sharing views with the leaders on the ground to dicuss maters concerning the constituency i.e chiefs,shiekhs, councilors.Hi people of wajir east we have seen repercussions of electing mps without thorough analysis, next election we have to elect the most qualified candidate from the pool of aspairant to avoid regret .

  9. Facts should not be denied, the people Wajir East have seen a new page interms when they voted in Hon. Elmi . We have migrated from the politics of handouts and injustice to justice and equiality political structure. Several devt have been reached so far by the constituency.

    Hon Fai has assissted the entire constituents during the recent drought.The emergency cdf money has been used to rescue the cattles of several nomands who would otherwise loose their animals.

    I have realy appreciated the way CDF is utilized in the constituency. so the people of wajir east should appreciate Hon Elmi always.

    Fai has fully framed the plight of Wajir West. I hope the devt he initiated can buy him the ticket to 2012.

    That is why i always say; FAI TOSHA.

  10. Mr Fai might be easy going,but this is a virtues that have no place in politics.some talk of equitable distribution of resources,but contracts and other income genereting projects are accessible önly to the rich and the mighty.The number of university dropouts is alarmingly sky rocketing and securing a job is nightmerish.we are in five years of political comma,we have no option but to persevere.

  11. Fai is too weak 2 b aleader.He is empowered 2 b the leader of awhole ministry so that he develops nep besides wajir east bt he failed.Afadhali the dictator mwalimu

  12. Hello folks, thank you for your comments. Hopefully, we will invite mheshimwa himself to write a few lines to answer a few questions. Keep the debate alive

  13. Fai is more than a failiture. The constituency does not need mere talks but action and implimentation of those ambitions. the expectation we had z far much less than what we saw folowing the experience he had on imergences.

  14. Brother,Hussein, do you have any specific reason to believe fai was a failure>

  15. As somalis we are known to suffer from historical injustices,ranging from massacres,emergency laws and overal marginalization.Therefore the recent crackdown on somalis didnt came as a surprise.An internal security ministers in Moi’s government once claimed that a good somali is a dead somali.Many are those who have such notions todate.The rencent sweep on all somali’s because of one demonstration was foolish,unproductive and discriminatory in this erra of civilization.Unfortunately Bilow Kerow is the only politician who came out conspiquously in public and via the media to condem this act.som of the victims are from wajir East,where are you my minister?

    • fai is a big failure…..my vote will go against him come 2012.reasons best to known to all.

  16. Amoung the thousand reasons to provd the honrouble’s under performance include: the project of tarmacking 20 km between wajir and garisa has so far gone only less than 9 kms, the promised sewage system of wajir stil remain unanswered riddle,both university and middle colleges dropout is at its peak in the constituecny, no tertiary college established so far to help brothers & sister who under performed at their near reach, no new N.G.O which addresses immidiate needs of the conctituency like water, sewage, hygiene e.t.c, no student who benifited from M.O.E bursary everybody including our fellows from N.EP had his cake where is ours? We have encoured expense in applying it. And no plan so far to help the needy student to accomplish their accademic endeavours. Those are amoung the few reasons to justify my previous suggestion.

  17. My fellow conctituent what is the need of all these coments if no question has been answered so far by the Honrouble! he is bury ehh…

    • u know he is damn down…he cant answer u cz he knows nothing abt the people and their problems.

  18. My fellow constituent what is the need of all these coments, if no question has been answerd so far by the honrouble!. Or is that he is not supose to coment in this page! Or is he busy…

  19. Mr. Fai has has not fulfiled his promises to the expectations of da masses suffice to say that he is “better” than the erstwhile corrupt and unscruplous leaders. Time has come 4 wajir east people to change da petty politics they engage in and make sound decisions in choosing their leaders.

  20. We don’t need mere talks but we need actions as Kalil Has said already,Why is Mr Fai silent in Parliament when we chose him to present our grieviances in the parliament? Mr. Fai has to join us in atleast one of the social networks so that we can help him with new ideas and share our views with him as the somali proverb goes ‘maan kaamaqan madax walalkaa as kujira. Fai has done less so far though am not saying he has not done something.According to my understanding in terms of transparency he is better than his predecessor as well as the use of CDF emergency fund for the benefit of Wajir East people but these are like a needle in an ocean/sea.As for employment we dont expect him to employ youth from his pocket but he has to get employment from various ministries and he has to convince them to give him a qouta whenever they are employing people.In Wajir East he can come up with certain fiscal policies to generate employment such us fixing a minimum price for our animals at the local market to increase the purchasing power of our people which will lead to increase in business sales that may lead to employment and rise in the living standard of our people.He has to make sure CDF supports projects that employ atleast 20 people and not individuals.We have to focuss on Farming and digging of dams in fertile areas in the constituency like Kotulo,Khorof and parts of Dasheg to harvest rain water and to reduce food insecurity during droughts.He has to make arrangement with the ministry of livestock to give us quota to supply animals to KMC(not forgetting more than 50%of livestock production in kenya comes from NEP),He has to open the KBC in Lafaley to create employment for the people of Wajir East. Politics Matter alot when it comes to NGOs that is why Merlin,World vision etc opted for WJr South otherwise today the will have employed the youth from Wajir East(WAKE UP MR.FAI).We Can generate employ within wajir East itself only if we realise the opportunities.Mr. Mohamed Elmiyow wake up and don’t lead us to failure this time again. Remember we you are our Mp till you finish your term our fate lies in your Hands for the time being.it is upto you to take us far or to keep us the way we were before you came to office.

  21. please give credit where its due coz mr.Elmi has done high % of the target xcpted for this 2 years while in the position.
    beware that the national drought that affected the whole nation whereby every corner casualts of animals and pple were reported dead wajir east was execptional to this coz the honourable stand and supplied water and negotiated wit different communities and their leaders that their zone had enough pasture so that wajir east communities at large had to share wit with full supply of water from CDF money were no MP has done before.
    its not that am fan of him bt am saying plz give him the credit he has done.
    mr. mude please dont forget ACTION SPEAKS MORE THAN WORDS. you can talk in parliament rise isues but lastly if it doesnt bear no fruits? there fore mr. elmi ope he not the kind of a man like that he s action oriented.

  22. You are right bro Dayib,bt the recent drought is only one problem among milions our people face.Do you have any other àchievement we can compliment the minister for since 2007?

  23. Its true dat fai did better in sectors concernin da pastralist but missed his share nationaly.he mises da point when he urges everyone 2 fend 4 himself even wen his “upper hand” z criticaly nided.a minister asking 4 da contacts of his juniors 4rom mesmerised constituents who sought his intervention!z dat da kind of m.p that is ought 2 take us 2 da promised land?he fell below my expectations.wake up mr fai.

  24. politics alone cannot solve our problems.When it comes to development,forget about politicians.

    When it comes to emplyment,we still use ‘wazees’,instead of looking for the qualified.A mzee would say,”Kanaa kadaran iskadaa.”or “Cidaan halasiiyo intas kuwasina intas.”When did ‘wazees’ become Public Service Commission.

    If the resources and employment opprtunitiesare “shared” equally,the condition may change.

    when we stop doing things informally do we go ahead.

    We should never blame politicians.What did our busineesmen and women do to improve the lives of the peole of Wajir East.Do they lack responsibility over their people.How many of them ever tried to sponsor a needy student to persue a higher education,how many of them did try to organise events.Absolutely no one of them.

    Everyone of us should play his/her part if we all need to make Wajir Eas a better place to live in where everone gets equal opportunity.

  25. Well, Wajir East is facing alot of challanges today among them unemployment but we cannot just argue that the Hon Elmi has failed. The mheshimiwa has really united the people of wajir east,brought to an end the poisonous hand out and introduced new concepts of democracy, transparency and accountability; what i termed as radical surgery to the constituency.
    This it self is much and the minister needs to be given credit for doing this.

  26. Mr Abdulahh i agree with you that everybody has potential and a role to play interms of dev’p of wjr east but the peopl need a leader to sensetise and help them to develop their skils. so the mheshmwa is supose to intergrat al social clas(youth, women, religious leaders, civil leader e.t.c) and listen their ideas in a an open forum. I also agre that he brough transparency in the resources availabl @ the constituency but what about national level nothing! He is not even talking about ‘indimnity act’ espesialy this time when TJRC have started visting the victims of past injustices leaving WAGALA case to hang at the edge.

  27. Dear sir/miss do not blame politicain in wajir
    east becoz one clan can not bring development?? whereby the so call fai is not even respecting the big tribe (Digodia) what i mean ,please let different clans and tribes build
    the land of wajir east becoz you pretending to
    be the owner of E.east you failed in it.some years back the politicain had tried to divide wajir east in to two (CONSTITUENCY)),but some fai’s political shameless broker abused the opportunity. please pull up your capacity of understanding and try to have intelegent with well wishers.??God bless you and i respect your comment.by your son sir cj

  28. Hello All. I will like to for you all to come up with questions for the Hon.MP of Wajir east so i can forward it to his office.

    You can send a quick email to me(northernkenya@gmail.com) or post your question here.

    I like the civility and the intelligence of the debates here. Please keep up the debate. this is good for the constituency.

  29. **No Personal Attacks Please***
    Debate the issue of the Hon Elmi. No Need for Name Calling

  30. Your contribution is apt Fai Ismail,bt the language you used is primitive.Beside victimising a son for a mistake comited by his father is fallacious.its beats logic.The leadershp of this constituency is like a maiden that can be wooed by anybody whom it attracts.Its nt an asset 4 a specific individual.Let every ass that brays be heard,after al 2 vote or nt 2 vote for him is persnal initiative…otherwise, LET ME NOT BE MISUNDERSTOOD AM A NEUTRAL CONSTITUENT.

  31. Gentlemen, As you have seen, the debates are taking an ugly turn. This Blog and Debate is about empowering our people and giving ideas to the HON Elmi.

    I will remove any post that astrays from the objective thread. No Need for Name Calling

  32. The main function of a member of parliament is to make the law.How many of us elected Mr.Fai to make good laws?

  33. Ahmey mansa ar u out of ur mind?(2 him). m.fai is an m.p 4 wjr east regardles of whetha u hav votd 4 him or nt, how can a rational being dear to mention dry east nd wet east and mention tribes names unles that person want to take us bak from where come from(mwalimu’s tym). I think the only area you can argue that m.fai z trying is C.D.F equaly he z a failiture in that docket say for example bursary disbursment, a studnt in public universty who is paying over 180000 p.a is given 12000 after the gov’t hav increasd th mani to 15%. Is there transparency when few indivividuals are givn over 30000 simply coz he is son f so and so or he was a suporter in the last…. No m.p z honest that z th nature f politics. Mheshimwa ITAQILAH we ar ur subjcts we lost hop in geting our nationial cake th likes of m.o.e bursary we can’t lose again in c.d.f we want comunitis to be one regardles of regional and ethical bakground. Wajr east 4 dev’p that is the wajir east we want thro’ our m.p

  34. OK. So, so far, i am seeing the issue of the consituency fund as the hot topic. I will ask Mheshimiwa to bring his answers.

  35. Whereas we got a break frm the politics of handouts,i hav 2 say that this regime is FINANCIALY MEAN.The CDF office is far much remote frm being honest.Am told the ofice proposed to alocate 5000 for jab studnts,9k for coleges n the least said abt wat was alocatd for paralel studnts the better,cz compared 2 the huge fees they pay, its just a drop in the ocean.To make the matter worse this alocation is made once a year.In a constituency like wajir east where a larger percentage lie below the poverty line,parents and studnts are companions of the same misery. Education is becaming a shear burden.il nt be surprised if we take an ‘about turn’ towards ilitracy.We cannot afford this.If am nt wrong,CDF promisd 2 sponser al studnts pursuing teaching as a career.am yet 2 c any beneficiary. Lets give priority 2 education no matter how scarce our resources are,its a worthy investment.

  36. Hello gentle men, the reason i wrote of dry east and west was due to misinformation beddled by the ex mps supporters led my A.k who insult honourable M.fai when ever he get a chance to do so. in regard to brother hussien kalil, the bursary money is limited compared to the need of the students who needs help. so that is why university student are getting 12,000 shillings because the demand is more than the supply. wajir east as the largest post secondary student in wajir district, so its had to give 100, 000 shillings to every student because no enough money is out there. And the bursary committee is compromised of all tribes in wajir, from garre, masare, harti to fai, its the fairest commity that was ever constituted in northern kenyan. So please lets give credit where its due, dont criticize just for criticizing. Any questions can be directed at me, coz im online spokesman of honourable Elmi.

  37. Your spokesmanshp is hardly needed Ahmed mansa,we are nt attackin anybody rather we r expresin our feelins abt isues partainin 2 our constituency.This is a serious site for serious isues n your n ur seriousnes is needed..claiming that the cömmitee ‘is the fairest….in northern kenya’ is mere exageration.A constitency like Dujis is as cosmopolitant as wajr east,bt the alocatn is biger and fairer.The CDF isue is a mata of life n death 4 us studnts and the MP or the chairman of the comutee shuld clarify thz ambiguity.Fair critsm is part of quality leadershp and by discouragn it u r encouragn intelectual lazines.And as a sign of good faith plz write your real name.

  38. well abdi duntow indeed fair criticism is accepted and higly encouraged, but what iam against is pointless, lack of direction, tribal criticism. And you may not be among them, but certainly thier are others who base thier critism just the haterate they have for the current mp. so u told me to write my real name, you go first and write you real name. Then i will do it, but i doubt your from duntow mr fake

  39. Dear constituents i think the isue of C.D.F being scares does not confuse the masses the likes of Dujis, the constituency whch has recorded th largest numbers of studnt n univerties n th recent yrs ar recivng 40000 per studnt nd wjr east recvd th sam mony wth Dujis. So where z th mony going f nt mismanagment? I also prophesis that th five yrs term ‘ll end wth no tangbl progres made towards dev’pt if we do’nt retrogress folowing what we hav sen starting from the Saudi scandle, the promsd sponsorshp 2 educatn studnts, failiture to creatn f more jobs 2 youth to an extent they hav formd their own movement to figh 4 their right and failiture 2 integrat al social clas in matas pataining 2 ppl’s priority need.

  40. Am nt Abdi Duntow,i dnt kno Duntow’s bearing eitha.But that isnt the issue.The point i was drivn hom was 4 u to be honest with your identity.This is a legitimate development oriented discusion.otherwise we r one family n the word ‘hatred’ is too strong 2 describe any feelings 4 the M.P.
    Now that u know who “Abdi Duntow” is, kip ur word n reveal your identity,.mr “Mansa”.

  41. well bro shekhey when ur comparing things, you have to compare current mp and the former mp mr mohamed abdi, and the question for is our better of him or not? im the kind of ppl who believe we are better of than him. Iam sure you didnt miss halima bare n the likes. Actually the chairman of cdf is former khorf harar headmaster and the committe is compromised by all wajir east tribes, so for to accuse him of mismanagment is uncalled for, his record stand for itself. he never took a penny of oxfarm money ever that way he risen to be regional director. so if your not happy with him you vote against him but im sure he will be re elected with big majority

  42. OK. So the debate still is lurking around CDF.

    So, then, to settle this matter, we should probably get some data then to settle this matter for once?- brb

  43. i do believe that each constituency out of the 210 get equal share of CDF. Currently Wajir East spends 1/4th of its allocation for the education sector which may be less compared to the number of persons wajir east is to educate. I dont believe in Mismanagement of CDF bcz the chairman and the patron are all transparent and God fearing people, Just b4 this regime there was huge amount of money that was used to be set aside for emergencies like droughts wich were never used for the intended purpose but now they are used approprietly.We should know the number of students to be supproted in wajir east ranging from secondary,college and university level only by 1/4th of the total allocation. I think it will be better for us as students to talk to the Mheshimiwa to increas the amount of allocation of CDF for education not for construction of many schools but for support of those who are studying. We dont need many schools but we need many people attending schools, many people studying the required(best) materials and taught by best teachers.

  44. mr. mansa i agree with you sir… good job brother! viva mheshimiwa waziri..

  45. I agree with with you mr. Ibrahim mude. We need constructive criticizm not directioanl less criticism of the mheshimwa.

  46. i ope so far so good as hon.is keen on development issues in wajir district especial wajir east.
    at glance we see many things done and others comin on the route via hon.

  47. five years is finished pack and the seat before you fail……………………………….its good for you

  48. Whoeva claimd that the CDF commutee is honest is just a propagandist.if am nt wrng the curent secretary of the CDF lost his prev job cz of coruptn alegations leveld at hm,no wonder the favourism in the curent alocation.So who is fooling who?.And for your informantn mansa its nt 12000 for evry one but 6000 for som n 30000plus for others.The minister nids 2 tek action against this misbehaving juniors.They r a let down 2 his integrity.

  49. Whoeva claimd that the CDF commutee is honest is just a propagandist.if am nt wrng the curent secretary of the CDF lost his prev job cz of coruptn alegations leveld at hm,no wonder the favourism in the curent alocation.So who is fooling who?.And for your informantn mansa its nt 12000 for evry one but 6000 for som n 30000plus for others.The minister nids 2 tek action against this misbehaving juniors.They r a let down 2 his integrity.

  50. lets b clear on this isue
    are you finger pointing or u want changes,i see u huntin the current secretary. please come clean on the isues?

  51. Al am sayn is we nid transparency n equality in CDF whch is aparently absent.

  52. We all hailed from wajir east, if we critically compare the amount that the constituency got from CDF and LATIF only this finacial year and the crosponding development in our constituency really they are not matching. those of you who are claiming that transparency is exerised in CDF management please be realistic.A part from cost sharing in water tracking during the last drought, no any other tangible progress in wajir east constituency, we elected Mr Elmi to bring positive changes and not just changes, number of jobless youth are increasing, no scholarships for the poor and talented students who want to persue medicine and engneering courses, where are the promises he took during the the compaign building Kenya Meat Comission(KMC), Polytechnic, sewage for wajir town, creation of jobs by bringing number of non-governmental organizations, joint fundraising for all universty students from the contituency and so on. Mr Elmi is not diferent from the former minister, we are yet to take the right man to the parliament, we better take enough research to know who deserve that position to avoid regret.

  53. Brother Kajaja. Good valid points,but,how long should an mp wait before we claim his tenure was a failure?

    Shouldnt we wait till the end of his term and then, judge the hon mp?—

  54. Btw,here is the cdf website

  55. The 2010 CDF was a failure.Hasit been disbursed fairly?Sisemi kitu.

  56. Honestly well intended criticism is welcome and its encouraged. But the secretary of cdf is the only huris in that committee, the rest is fai, masari, geri n cornert tribes in wajir east. The cdf yearly allocation is out demanded by the student who are applying for cdf bursaries. So, what they do is they divide the cdf allocation to the need student, also cdf its not only for bursaries but its for other purpose like buildin hospitals, or dispensaries. Now the mp is building 40 million hospital in mansa town, and 30 million dam in sarman, 30 million secondary school in tarbaj etc. So if you looking things on tribal lences then you will see non existant alligations. Mohamed dahir who is cdf chariman was fired by mohamed abdi, not because of corruption but because of tribe. we all see what kind of development the mheshimwa is doing. Why i didnt hear ur complaint when mohamed was sleepin on office for 10yrs? any idea?

  57. Mr Mansa if what you are saying is true then we have the right to complain. Do you know the yearly allocations of CDF to every constituency is 45millions? so if the Mp allocate 30m for one project then what is left for distribution? only 15? and see how these projects will take the allocations of 3years.is that fair?

  58. bro, this projects mostly are funded by NGO’s. the mheshimwa has a connection. Actually the construction of a new 800 million hopital, will be contructed at lafaley. Its not cdf money but is sponsored by european union. cdf is the fairest it has ever been in wajir east, actually govt audits it every year. So, brother mude if mheshimwa is not fair aftr doing all this projects, then lets elect mohamed abdi, and in order to see him u need permission from halima bare. Any individual from wajir constituency can see the honrouble minister any time, his office is open to all.

  59. Ahmed mansa,mansa is an ancestral home 4 pple like me,so stop using it as a scape goat.i get irritated when u use it as an avenue 2 hide ur identity.u better stop name caling,-xuuris and xalima bare.

  60. We know the amount of CDF every constituency recivs, we also know how much of it is for bursary(15%).That is nt the bone of contention.But wen in the alocation some r given more,others les with no reference 2 their financial needs, credibility in the tribal diversity of the commutee inspires no confidence in any one.Mr mansa,go round the constituency and find out how many stranded form four leavers with C and above contempleting whether 2 join prison or go back to the bush to mary n harvest Malmal and Xabag Xagar for survival.what is the use of spending milions on schools when the by-products of those schools cannot secure a place in higher institutns no mata hw much they qualify?The minister cme handy during the last drought bt that does nt guarantee him imunity frm valid critism.At one time or another we al sought audience with mohamed Abdi without passing through this woman u constantly mention.By draging her name here, i have a feeling that u r unfair to her.The minister’s ofice is always open,we even constantly brush shoulders with him.i congratulate him 4 that,bt lets translate this into action.As for the multimilion projects u mentioned,they are future plans we r al waitin 2 see.

  61. Da current cdf officials should be defrocked coz they have shown dat they r corrupt nd money minded. They have proofed dat they r incapable nd they r only in da ofice 4 their own selfish gains. Mr. Mansa u r n’t going on with ol dat is happening in the cdf office so pliz make attempts of seeing it. Also it isn’t wise to criticize nd name individuals(halima bare) dat don’t have an overt link with dis issues.

  62. Mansa how long wil you kep on mentioning tribe names? Plz kep it off. Abt c.d.f transparency & equity is what we have ben looking forward to se al along in this regime whch neva hapend. What made few indiviuals to recieve trice of what the rest of th benefeciries hav recivd f there is no fevourasm. What made the management to set a side a colosol amount f mony and disberse a quarta f what z supose to be disbasd. Dear constituent fai z victim of of circumstanc we are squarly to blame the mamagement and is high time we get rid of peopl wth corruption records. Meanwhil we ar to remain open to healthy critism basd on facts and no body should reprensent aparticular ethnic.

  63. For sure no one is 100% perfect. Moreso, i believe that we sh’d not only blame the Mheshimiwa but also departmental heads and other heads of diverse sectors who are wajerians and are not ready to work hand in hand with the mp.They really turned to be hyenas and they are the same people who aspire for seat later on. Their performance on their respective sectors is really horrible. I’m sure they will reflect zero performance afta they get to power. M.Fai sh’d nt spare such criminals and deal with them as per the law. I will fairly comment on the mp’s performance 4rm june,2010.

  64. The question is our better off with mohamed fai or not? and the answer may vary to whom you ask.
    but most of the constituant are happy with what the current mp is doing. When we compared to the former mp only one subtribe of fai was eatin the national cake, but now many subtribes of fai and masaris are sharing the national cake, so difinetly most of us are happy with the current mp, particularly since im from manza, mohamed muse hassan is the personal mp of the mheshimwa and his head office in wajir hails from manza as well, we got 40 million contract to build a hospital in manza. Marka its time tarbaj and kutulo constituency to enjoy theier hard earned labour. As u remember thier was no tangible development that happened in tarbaj and kutulo divission when mohamed abdi was the mp. by the way manza is cosmopolitan as tarbaj, huris, dumaal and ismael samatar lives there, so mr uurgaal elyass take it easy dude, im more manzian than you, dont hate the game hate the player dude.

  65. i meant dont hate the player hate the game.

  66. I dont think naming subclans is a good idea,this is the web and everyone can see it. But,you can always mention the locations and all wajir easterners will understand nani ni nani,ama?

    One thing i know is, During Mohamed Abdis time,every sub clan of punch was getting some sort of cdf money.

    You guys should check the poll.

  67. Brother Mansa repeat a lie several times and you yourself wil start to believe it as the holy truth.Look at what the constuents have been posting,some have complementd the meager achievements of the M.p’s office,some critisisd its limitations whl others took no sides claiming that its too early to do so.What about you?,you always speak as if our roads were tarmack,kenyatta hospital was shifted to Mansa,and a univesity erected at Tarbaj.
    Out of the entire Mansa populatn u isolatd two individuals appntd to ofices.if i may ask wat z their contributn to the larger population?.wat u r not telin us is the number of std 8 dropouts mansa primary generates every year, n how its population wallow in object poverty seeking confort frm relief food.for ur informatn when the 40 milion hospital is completd in Mansa,as usual we wil import Njoroge n Omondi frm otha constituencies as medicine remains 2 expensiv 2 pursue 4 our poor bt genius studnts.Brother Its either you dnt kno the actual fact on the ground or you are simply behaving like the Ostrich that buries its head in the ground asuming that the danger is gone..i hail frm Mansa too, and when a madman walks naked,its his kinsmen who feel the shame n nt hmself….in my humble opinion,in this forum you r the ODD ONE OUT!

  68. Shekhe wel spoken words, bt to the wrong intellectuals whch unfortunatty u can’t think in th sam line and eat 4m th sam plate

  69. Mr shekhey first of all im as smart as you or a lil bit superior intellectually than you. Iam not a mad man and im far from it, but what i dont like is blaming everything on mohamed fai. Manza and wajir and northeastern general failin and droppin out of standard 8 is a common phenomenon and it will happen today and it use to happen on diriye , mohamed abdi and abdisalan era. So what you have to ask is what can we do to improve the education standard in northeastern particularly wajir east. About the 2 individuals i mentioned who hail from mansa that work for the mheshimwa, they are with him 24 hours so they are partly to be blamed, because the mheshimwa is a busy man and he needs sometimes to be reminded what people of manza need are. so shakeey lets put the blame where it belongs, i know manza needs a lot of teachers, even sarman where the meshimwa family hails from thier are only 3 teachers . so the problem is all over not specific to manza. But brother sheky iwill never call you are madman just because you disagree with me. My question to you is when mohamed abdi was mp for 10 yrs where were you? when he said where are my supporters when a jounalist from channel 4 confronted him with the challenges hongay ppl were facing. Iam waiting for ur comment, if i replay late im busy with school n work, but am gonna replay as soon time allows.

  70. Without repeating Ahmed Mansa’s list of Elmi’s achievement, i wuld like to respond n get some feedbak from some of the genuine n sober contributers to this forum. Shekhey n Kalil were able raise some genuine concerns. I guess u guyz r university students. Issues raised seems to be based on equal distribution of the CDF bursary. We all know W.East is a unique case different from even Dujis where the bursary applications received are over 1,000. With approx kshs 5M , u dont expect students to get more than kshs 10,000. When i took up the issue of bursary with the minister, he told me that the few who got higher than shs 10,000 are special cases based on the agreement between him (the minister) and the university students from the constituency. It was agreed that students undertakin pre-defined courses like Medicine and Engineering be given a specified amount higher than the rest of the students undertakin courses like IT, BA. If anyone has info shedding light on anythin contrary can inbox me thro mohapoa@yahoo.com.

    This platform is meant to benefit wajir east not to score political vendetta.

    In this page, Mr Mansa has his own opinion therefore doesnt represent the Minister in some of his sensitive sentiments. However, I envy his capability to list down Elmi’s achievement. That, I culd not do.

  71. mfai is new breed m.p,he might nt be forceful in his work like keynan bt the m.p has relatively done gud job despite being new to field of represenataion.he is more of robust manager than poloticain.he is serving 2 years now one year being lost on P.e.v.he has decentralised cdf cash allocation and bursaries-offcourse with cdf bursary scope covering all applicants,individual share allocation will drastically reduce.
    lets evaluate mfai towrads the end of his term

  72. I admire the civility in your reaction Ahmed Mansa even afta misundastandn me.i neva cald u a madman,if anythn that was a proverb and as usual there r two meanings 2 it.whcheva u tek is howeva undastandabl.il neva complain about Mohamed Abdi,cz we r in the present n i dnt c the nid of dweling in the past.
    Brotha Shahid the ministers agreement with us was a minimum 10k for uni studnts with special consideratn 2 paralel studnts n thoz pursuing demandin courses.He honourd thz agreement bt the CDF commuttee defied his directivs.when he inquired frm an oficial in the presence of som of us the amnt alocatd,the official claimd alocating the range of 12000 to 18000.when in reality a good numba of us recivd 4920.afta the bank deductions (i can avail the recipt).we r nt crying foul abt scarcity of the resource bt the doubl standard of the bursary comutee.
    As for ur last sentence,am honestly amused lol!…no comment.

  73. Northern Kenya, M.fai in his manifesto during the campaign promised that he will within 6months, move a bill in parliament that will classify Northeastern as a tax haven,to attract investments in the region.What happened to his promise?( page 5 of his manifesto booklet).Other questions are why he has not upgraded wajir Polytechnic till now when we need it most? does that mean he does not prioritise projects?

  74. shekeey if your university student and in need of financial help toward your tutition, then i understand where you coming from. however, the minister is a busy man and sometimes he delegates his duties to his representitive, but all people arent created equal, as some “may be” corrupted. the best solution for you and the rest of student go and talk to the minister with your compliments, the man is open for constructive critism and his office is open to all members of the constituency. criticizing the mheshimwa online won help your cause. He is my friend and i can definetly take your cause if your ready kujitambwa. As you said about the past, they say ur past predicts you future. We have seen mohamed abdi the 10 yrs he was our mp and he is planing to come back? so let me know your vew point?

  75. i mean go see the minister and express your complaints. not compliments. i know you will never compliment the minister.

  76. lets be serious guys!!!
    i suggest that we sh’dnt just vomit words where the right respondent is mteja.The best idea is that the minister visits the website and adresses some of these issues.Otherwise, these comments will transform to “hal bacaad lugulisay”

  77. well uthman the hon minster is busy with the constituion, so when your in a meeting and discussing important issues such as the constitution you got no time to speak to every individual. But his office is open to all, so go and visit him.

  78. Lets not argue on things that will not yield a solution to the plight of the people of Wajir East. We should engage in constructive debate that will help us exchange views and ideas. Mansa and Shiqey let’s rise above partisan politics and come to the reality. We know the Minister has so far brought some devolpment as compared to his predecessor. How ever there are many areas that his leadership has not performed as anticipated. In those areas i.e employment we believe he will tackle. so lets wait and see.

    As we debate lets be objective and devoid of emotions. Thanks

  79. Uthman, I have asked you all to send me emails to the admin so i can forward it to the mheshimiwa. I can ask him to personally visit the web but,i need more civility and coherent questions. For example, i can forward specific question like the one posed by Ibrahim Mude(which i will). the rest are all personal opinions said here and there,which is good for the consituency.

    Lets discuss further.

  80. I dnt qualiyf 2 b branded as partisan Mr Daud as i dnt hav any political afiliatn with eitha regmes.my coments r far much remote frm being trigad by emotions,if anythn am a concernd constituent.wat do u consida mo construtv if nt the bursary debate amng other isues.?i thot it determines the future of our elites.
    Masan am a govt sponsord studnt n my financial nids r limitd.my wory is abt the poor studnts requird 2 pay mo than 150k…at thz level i fix the last nail on the cofin of my regular outbursts.afta al i end up misunderstood.

  81. I dnt qualiyf 2 b branded as partisan Mr Daud as i dnt hav any political afiliatn with eitha regmes.my coments r far much remote frm being trigad by emotions,if anythn am a concernd constituent.wat do u consida mo construtv if nt the bursary debate amng other isues.?i thot it determines the future of our elites.
    Mansa am a govt sponsord studnt n my financial nids r limitd.my wory is abt the poor studnts requird 2 pay mo than 150k…at thz level i fix the last nail on the cofin of my regular outbursts.afta al i end up misunderstood.

  82. no mr sheekey we are in democratic society and your freedom of expression is granted. so ur criticism is always welcomed at all time, without you this site will be boring as hell. All this things is just for mere discussion and know one will take it personal. so keep on contributing mr sheekey. Iam happy for u since u receiving HELP from the goverment. I thought you was crazy fanatic of mohamed abdi, however it seems my perception was wrong.

  83. shiqey i dont know your political affilition nor can i guess it. So dont take as if i am alinghning to a particular regime. If you are non partisan you are among the excellent persons whom i apprecite and welcome their healthy debates.

    I personally understand that the CDF bursary allocation this year has been done irregularly contrary to our expectations but the issued has been debated at lenght and raised at highest office of authority in the constituency.

    As we waitr for official communication from the Minister lets disengage from this CDF topic and dicuss other issues which are relevant.

  84. i have sent the link to the mp. i hope to bring him to reply back to us hopefully soon.

  85. Dear contituents enough is enough we jot down uncountable criticisms, recomendations, questions and suggestions on this wall but the minister turn deaf ear to our tirdless effort and we even doughting to whom are we directing all this queries to. Isthe wall created to blindfold the youth from the area and who are the management of this wall. yhanks

  86. Dear contituents enough is enough we jot down uncountable criticisms, recomendations, questions and suggestions on this blog but the minister turn deaf ear to our tirdless effort and we even doughting to whom are we directing all this queries to. Isthe blog created to blindfold the youth from the area and who are the management of this wall. yhanks

  87. Brother Korane. As you know,the minister is a very busy man. Inshallah,he will reply back when time permits.

  88. In fact our leaders…should speek and stand on behalf of wajir people.We have been seeing many of them coming and going without mineding wajir resident…..they become wealthy and esuring their pocket is full of money….then later try raise tribal war againist communities.Let me remind people of wajir sororit that money is not everything and let them stop those leaders from trying buying their votes….that will make our people more poor fraternity…let them vote 4 someone who is well young,frehs interms of politics, known,educated,treuful,God fairing and well known by
    the community…inshaAllah..i myself will try to compete with my colleagues 2017 …that is inshaAllah God willing..On the other hand let us educate our young generation the values of being leaders nad able to lead our old people what ever color,tribe without mineding tribe.I have been with Hon.keinana,ilimi,usufu,abdikhadir,afy,farahmalin name them……so this people are evry taff and we must be every careful with the speech they make during compaign.Let us support student,community trade,getting of ID,passport,and owning of property of our community and the generation that follows….watch me….wajir people.

  89. I have an update from Hon Elmi’s Office & he has promised to respond to us in the next couple of days. Stay tuned.

  90. I would like to thank all of you in writng at this page and expressing your views.Let us behave mentally mature and think broadly.

    It is rather better to bring here constructive ideas that can restore the hope of all NEP worldwide.If you people who are the marginalized in the soceity dont act and take your role at your locality then there is a total loss of social protection at every level.

    Make a flash to the political background of NEP,all politician individual interst oriented.Please it is you to wake up and challenge the prevailing situation for postive change rather than Mohamed Fai who is just a tool of attraction at the cabinet with the least resources.

    The issue is not wajir nor wagala,but it is an issue of advocating for the right of a whole in NEP.The whole population in this region are ever in poor economical.How can we overcome this oustanding factor and change the situation to a prosperous one.This only needs coming together,making use of the common sense and joining hands for development.

    It you do good all will support you more than an MP and a minister in Nairobi.


  91. I think its clear to all by now, midway thro’ his term the minister has divided the ppl as clearly and proudly said by his supporters in this forum. What is happening is that contracts, bursaries and positions are given to his clansmen who surround him. The so called dev projects are in his ancestral land only with millions diverted to personal accounts of his clansmen of a guy who said, that is if you still believe him, that he wants to be one term M.P. None of his campaign promises have been fulfilled yet, and God knows when he will.

    • Asalam Aleykum Brother Kutulo, these are serious allegations against the MP, do you have facts? For instance, can you provide which contracts specifically has the MP given to his clansmen?

      Many of us know the MP as a man who has always been fair,and if these allegations are true,then he needs to address it asap.

      I am still waiting on a reply from the office, I got an email from them 2 days ago,saying that they will respond..But of course,i can understand that these are busy times.

  92. If you have already reached the conclusion of his fairness does any allegtion help at all? Busy serving who? If not us!!

  93. I did not conclude he was fair, i said, “He was Known to be fair”, i fail to see where that becomes conclusion. it was fairly a statement.

    My goal on this blog is to encourage serious dialogue and engage the MP and his office with the constituents.

    Allegations such as corruption,need to be addressed so that it can be addressed right away. I am asking for facts because i want to personally ask the MPs office about it…

    So, i say to you brother, Do you have any facts? If so,send me a quick email..You dont have to say it on the public boards.

  94. So far so good, Mr Fai promised many things, but most importantly Wajir sewage, which is on track, as far as i know, and Wajir-Garissa road. Let’s give Fai some two more years, i am sure he will deliver on the road. I know those who are used to hand-outs are the ones who are attacking him from all corners. But I am sure, Fai deserves to be respected, for his sinciere and tireless efforts to elevate Wajir East. Are those who are talking of the Wajir sewage aware that it that project is going to its final phase. Keep on talking and politicking, and by 2012 you will be shocked when you will see everything complete, including Wajir-Garissa highway and by then, Fai will deserve to be honoured by all northeasterners, not only Wajir East people

  95. So far so good, Mr Fai promised many things, but most importantly Wajir sewage, which is on track, as far as i know, and Wajir-Garissa road. Let’s give Fai some two more years, i am sure he will deliver on the road. I know those who are used to hand-outs are the ones who are attacking him from all corners. But I am sure, Fai deserves to be respected, for his sinciere and tireless efforts to elevate Wajir East. Are those who are talking of the Wajir sewage aware that it that project is going to its final phase. Keep on talking and politicking, and by 2012 you will be shocked when you will see everything complete, including Wajir-Garissa highway and by then, Fai will deserve to be honoured by all northeasterners, not only Wajir East people

  96. I met Fai today, The guy is led by his tribe, they are the guyz who got all the contracts plus the sycophants. We want contracts and bursaries beneficieries to be made public so as all can see.I voted for him but my hopes have been dashed. He is no messiah, now he wants to be the permanent m.p by creating his clan enclave and leaving the rest of fais divided something never done by anyone before him. Lies wont help come election time,we have been taken for a ride.We have to unite and send him home like others before him!!

    • So did you talk to him about it brother>? Maybe he doesnt see it that way

  97. Poor u brothers ali omar said and Ahmed kutulo thnx for ur votes in 2007 but we dont need it any more. the current mp is creating is hand made constituency in 2012 so huris votes is enough, so go hang urselfs since you can do nothing about him in 2012. Its sad to criticize the mheshimwa for baseless accusation.contracts are divided equally among all fai n masaris in wajir east. Their was fai meeting in wajir the other day about how to divide the constituency in to two, some fai elders wanted kutulo to join central but kutulo elders refused the fatixi and instead choiced to join tarbaj side since they argued that rer hussien are the best people to share when it comes to cdf and other employment sources. that indicates m fai and his clan arent all that selfish. so guys go to hell u can do nothing in 2012.
    you just hate the guy because of his tribe, ur filled with hatetrate. you are among those ilititrate that belive in udhusugi and shit. you believe in tribal and barbaric politcs.

  98. hey ali omar said whats wrong diving wajir east constituency in to two? you were suppose to congragulate the Hon. minister for doing that honourable thing. let me educate you the importance of two constituency 1. instead of 90 million cdf yearly budget, we will have 180 million which means more schools, clinics, bursaries. 2 we will have two fai mps, which means our issues will be solved quicker since we have to mps that serf our intrest. so in normal circumstance when someone does a good job, he ought to be congragulated not criticise. so stop using those tribal lenses ur using.

  99. i have read most of the comments, we need to change our ways,to think only one mp will change our lives and get us out of poverty is retrogressive,its time to move forward as a community, saying this fai is from this side this one from other side is in bad taste.stop asking what the mp has done for you( if you waiting you will wait for long time)we need as a community to come up with the solutions to our problems.

  100. Very intersting debate – will join you again

  101. Please feel free to join us any time

  102. Fai or not fai, we r coming for him. He thinks if he creates his own seat for ****, he will survive. *******have a chance now to make a dream come true to get rid of this clannish in thief. Spending money on his clan shamelessly.

    • Hi. Mohamed Hassan.
      Individual opinions are respected, abuse and balme game are for the fools and failures. Split of Wajir east has been done in by the all the leaders of Wajir Eastin cluding all the contestants of 2007 elections, all the councoilors, chiefs, religious leaders, women represntative and youth. The decision to split as was agreed came as a result of 3 days consultation.
      As to whether we have achieved any change or NOT. Magnitude of change depends on ones expectation and what change you expected to see. So let me organize you, write down your check list of what you expect to be changed,
      As for development, i understand two levels. 1) individual level 2) communial level. I am sure, unless you dont want to know, the minister has performed community development projects in this short period.
      Making noise in parliament, let me remind you that it is NOT going to assist him and he will rather appear “arioter”, Duale failed to get something by doing so. He doesnt know that game, allow him to play the style he knows to get things done, we will altimately judge him on his performance come 2012.
      But let me assure you, your M.P is respected and you need to encourage him to remain responsible.

  103. http://www.cdf.go.ke/projects/wajir_east_project_status_2007_2008.htm
    plz click on the above link to see misuse of money meant for the poor by fai

  104. Thanks brother kassai for highlighting that missuse of cdf kitty but you failed to understand was long befor2007-2008 FAI was not Elected

  105. Brother Mohamed Hassan,I encourage you to refrain from using clan names. Wajir East is for EVERY clan. Please stop this little division of this and that. We are all one.

  106. where is this man called mohamed fai? is he realy in the country? we js wana knw wht plans he has for the constituency at large.

  107. Hi guys from Wajir East- is there any leader that can serve our people? the dutch people are known for their low appreciation- unless you support Fai, there is nothing that will change- what role do all doomsayers play in uplifting our people- friends as usual we elect the best in the country to parliament and is appreciated by all but somehow our people never praise-. My contribution- you have a great, honest and well respected leader so give him the support and respect. The dutch community is blessed this term with abdikadir, FAI etc. ARISE OUR PEOPLE AND BE COUNTED AS DEVELOPMENT MINDED CONSITITUENTS- we do not need the era of handout,

  108. to begin with, your insight is plausible Macantoy,What you need to knw however is that perfection is a virtue man cannot attain its zenith.there are progress made by MrFai and also expectations never met.unless you are used only to compliments those whom you refer to as doomsayers are only expressing their views.as for the Dutch clan Wajir East is their asset an if you are claiming we should retain FAI BECAUSE HE IS ONE,then such reasoning is fallacius.and one more misguided assumption we make is that the contest for Wajir east is between the current and the previos MP.

    • Well Said Macankow. I am a little stunned by the two sweets that followed one another,what a great company.

      Keep up the good work!. Next topic of course is the new constitution

  109. Martin luther king jrn once said ” there z nothing more dangerous than to build a society, wth a larger segment of ppl n that society who feel that they have nothing 2 lose. Ppl who hv taken in their society; protect that society bt when they do’nt hv it, they unconciouly want to destroy it” here z a desciption f a constituency in kenya. Say X. Since independence al who ocupied August house in constituency X hv regretably atained next to zero if we are to rank them. For effectual dev’lpt 2 b realisd there has 2 b proper partaking of the electorat in decision making, resourse alocation when dealing wth th community such as apointment of C.D.F commitee, publicisng CDF A/C, in this regard honrouble Y has scord zero if not nil. Cumunity is kept at bay in managing devolvd funds, contract are awarded to political sycophants and who sung the loudest during the campaign nd th curuption z at its peal. Health situation is pathetic, lack of drugs, incompitent medical staff blemishes constiuency X. Remember honrouble member Y U enterd my hut during th campaign, walkd on foot 4 long distance 2 justify ur simplicity nd accessibility and u denied 2 b called HONROUBLE,2dy do u knw wht z hapening n our OFFICE. My riddle & guest 4 granting an answer 2 th above paradox remain a hard task and nightmare in knowing the above descripd constituency. Who can help!!! But my considerd guess and asumption is that constituency X is within the demacation of the second largest province in this republic

  110. hallo brothers,if we put a side personal attack and jokes that may cause ill feelings,the only way the current wajir mps can leave a legacy behind is by doing the following:-
    .elevating wajir high school into national status by improving using cdf and NGOs grunts.

    .elevating wajir polytechnic into university college.

    .making sure that every year we send several talented students to university abroad or within for medicine , engineering, law e.t.c. because what matters most is the quality of output rather than the quantity of input.

    .improving wajir hospital to the level of referal hospital for NEP.

    .making sure that the issue of sewage system and garrissa,wajir, mandera road are not left unattended.

    If such tangible development are not considered collectively then we may not notice any change no matter who wins who 20012.it will be merry go round.

  111. asalaamu allaikum people of NEP?.as we are in the holy night of qadr, i would like to seek your pardon and forgiveness for any grievances,hurt or problem that i may have caused intentionally or unintentionally and i beg you to forgive me with a sincere heart.i will remember you all in my dua.please lets pray for each other in the comming nights.

  112. Helo can we put aside politics a head of 2012 & bring our ideas 2gtha 2 bring the change we want, however, politicians should learn lesson 4m recently concluded makadara by-electn where famousness nd party pakage does nt mata the botomline f th argumen z who hs a dvp’t record n th constituency judgd by th electorats themselvs.

  113. A man who was backdoored much in 88′ elections, running on clan platform rulling with sycophants in tow, is not expected to offer much except to his ilk which im sorry to say he perfected. No amount of loud noises will change the realities perfected corruption in place.

  114. A man who was backdoored much like in the ( read much of downkenya)88′ elections, running on clan platform rulling with sycophants in tow, is not expected to offer much except to his ilk which im sorry to say he perfected. No amount of loud noises will change the realities perfected corruption in place.

  115. interesting take humow-the past is behind us

  116. Hello! How z the issue of canceling wjr east population nd housing cencus gone so far. Note that th bounderie review commisn is likly to use old census n demacatng th new boundaries again they are beatn th deadlin as 2 012 political fog crowls swiftly, whch n this we ‘ll b @ th marginal end. Beside th recent ruling of th court

  117. I am feed with this wall, are we children who are cheated? ilma yaryar aya geedkaas aala daga lugu geedgiliya, Mr Northern Kenya your are alwayz saying the minister will respond shortly or you will personally forward the questions on this blog to him of which i think you havent done enough, a proof to this is that i havent receieved a response to my question, i believe you will be saying this. statements till this political term ends. we cannot be blindfolded for long time. we need people who are true and committed to what they are saying. we are tired of people who are not serious.i am sorry if my statement hurts you but dont lie to the whole people of wajir east thank you

    • Brother Mude, inshallah,in due time. the minister will respond. in the meantime, send him a message and ask him specific questions. i gave you the link on this blog last week.

      • thanx i have came to know now that this blog is not is for Mr Fai

  118. Tilting and Tilting wipping and wetting the fulcram things fall apart in wajir East since the people obted to move against the gragiant but fail to bear the barden brought by the so called Mr Fai.How can we move when he brought clanisn in bide to divide the people of which he targeted among ourself cpitalising negative side of our life realy he became amentor who turne tomentor and change vertue to vise coz in 2007 December Wajir East went to the polling station in the hope of getting better management but what we recieve is division among ourself which they say DIVIDED WE FALL.my last word is this let us not be used the way this politiant want coz they dont care what they say or the effecn it brought since it lead to their Dream so its up to us…………………………………………?By Pro Yahya

  119. In the coming 2012 ELECTIONS, we as the people of Wajir East and Wajir County at large should be ready to wipe out the current leadership,for they have failed in delivering their promises and more worse futher under devoloped the region instead of bringing solutions to the plights and the problems facing the county.


  120. hey my name is abdi jida oraahey
    first and foremost thanks to God for giving me to address this computer elite who are debating digitally.to the this burning issue of wajir east politics i would have encouraged you youth who are learned 2 come forth 2010 and vye why 2 wait the hands of old fashioned dictators (2 me the current mp and his pioneers) are dictators who uses divide and rule tactics as if they are the past colonizers. to wind up you youth stand up 4 u r right and vye, if not why not supportin in my bid to 2012


  122. 4 me i cn say ther z tangible change in wjr east ie change 4rm hand 2 mouth dvlpment 2 sustainble one bt stil we a loking 4 a candidate whose z more perfect than elmi . Elmi z weak in facilitating da employment of youth nd distribution of busary and among mani others. Lookin forward 2 fil da gap.

  123. I thing now it is time to evaluate mr Elmi performance, 4 me Elmi has done sth tangible than former Mp . We ve moved from the era of handout to new dawn of racial justice where nobody wil ask you who one could be when its come to service delivery than former regime lead by few sycophant wazee whose was to inspire other constituent to earn their living. Ths and many other thngs has been buried by mr. Elmi who has liberated wajr east from ths cultural libos. In conclusion lets people of wajir east vet ths aspirant in regards to their development record than pushing one of your kinsmen so that u earn contract and empolyment.the one area that mr. Elmi has poor records is youth empolyment whch has negative impact to his re-election bid. My caution to pple of wajir east is desist from candidate who promote tribal politics so that they win votes like aspirant mr. Kassim the ewaso ngiro man.

  124. Now that Tarbaj together with khorof-harar w´ll be a constituency, I hope now the people of Wajir east, whom have been deprived of their civil rights,elect their own representative who will bring back the sanity we had in the sixties.Wjr town needs to be sanitezed.after 2012 priority will be sanitation.

  125. wajir east cdf committee only come from one clan of degodia who reside in wajir east unlike hon mohamed abdi time when masares were represented.mohamed fai is taking all cdf money to tarbaj.no single project was implemented in arbaqeyramso.curren mp is giving contracts to few individuals who are giving him kick backs,they recently bought for him a house in waqaf estate……………………….

  126. The plundering of CDF is continuing by m. fai and his ilk. His wife formed a shell company to channel money meant for projects. The projects done by his clan and his nyayo juu are overpaid(plz see cdf website),large sums of money are given to kids from his clan when it comes to bursaries while the rest get flat rates if any regardless of financial and course status. The dividing of the constituency is being done with HIM in mind -to create a safe seat for him hence the problems we’ve seen thus far. Tarbaj being next to wajir was chosen as district headquater,with total disregard of govt intentions of “bringing dev/services closer to people”. Kutulo is the centre, or Krof is the furthest, they deserve the status but after all is said and done, this was all about enriching his ppl, lying by saying i want one term, and finally the chicken coming home to roost in Mega mansion(s)his plus his clansmens’ in nairobi. This guy has taken stealing to a new level. Well, if my M. FAI and team steals, its our time time to steal, well, well, I thought he ran on a platform “free of corruption”. I Put them in qoutes because right during the election process, he stole the ODM cert from duale, he dished money like nobody’s business to ppl(money from businessmen like kadogo who expeceted greasy palms after elections of course)and systematically placed his clansmen in positions of signatories of CDF. What is buffling to me is other constituencies have posted online their full distribution of cdf/bursaries while wajir east is lacking in most parts. M. abdi was way too transparent as far as this aspect is concern. It is troubling to say the least as this guy presents himself as messiah. Much has been said of his oxfarm track record, but maize in, maize out every year was/is no sustainable development. I think this shows his intellectual shallowness and inept leadership, given also presently he votes along govt lines with total disregard of what is good/right for us. Lets start exposing him with data available in nairobi offices.

  127. Hi guyz I am Dr Sheikh….clansman of fai…Rheer xussein…I visiting Nairobi january 2012..planning to start my medical practice kenya. I want to mail some equipment back home anyone familiar with the MP’s address. Also I can’t wait to get there….and join the campaign for 2012….I am not running for office…but I will like to have a voice in the process…also my abti side of the family is Rheer Axmet…which is interesting all in all…I am a pure fai clansman.

  128. Hi guyz I am Dr Sheikh….clansman of fai…Rheer xussein…I am visiting Nairobi january 2012..planning to start my medical practice in kenya. I want to mail some equipment back home… anyone familiar with the MP’s address. Also I can’t wait to get there….and join the campaign for 2012….I am not running for office…but I will like to have a voice in the process…also my abti side of the family is Rheer Axmet…which is interesting all in all…I am a pure fai clansman.

  129. Ahmed Kutulo and his ill-advised allies, be proffessional and pack up your comments with clear and equivical evidence if you wan’t the villagers to buy your unfounded hypothesis.unless you are pugnacious,there are always positive ways of engaging people rather than throwing unguided missiles.remember the CDF is always enough for every one’s need but not greed.if i compare our constituency today with the last ten years, i can only find progress in terms of transparency,awareness and unification of fragmented tribe.but if you are suffering from dyslexia then it is difficult to maintain memory of the past event.you seems to be seduced by ethnic interest.be grown up and rise above the self and tribe issues and commit yourself to knowledgeable univication of services to the community.if you are short of constructive ideas do not poison those are enthusiastic and ready to help the community.if you think you are too smart to get into politics then you will be governed by those who are not.come with a better plan come 2012 rather than being envious and critical about a young successiful man with entrepreneural skills.mohamed abdi is a brother so as M.fai and Duale ( i pray and hope that he will recover from the current illness).please use the site to our adventage rather than using as a lounging pack to attack.i don’t see anyone mentioning the current drought which is a national disaster or even the new constitution, county or governance.think of sustainable project,why our boys and girls are underperforming,how are we going to govern ourself.

  130. About droughts, Fai all he knows is throwing more maize after it, he knows nothing sustainable dev. Countywise he is just positioning himself with ihs boundery designs how sad. Financial underdealings have gone thro the roof, why cant we point this out like many before him.

  131. Hi every one,on behalf of the chairman and the committees who iniated the meeting,we are grateful of your attendance and active participation.Although we digested what Hon.elmi has said, i felt we can remind ourself in writting as a piece of documentation and also to share with our brothers who were are back home.

    Mzee gave the following point in his talk in UK:-

    .our people are very tuned in todays politics but they believe what the media says.

    .politically things are not changing in NEP and our people are still marginalised.old politics is still strong but he is confident the new politics will soon disperse and neutralise.

    .that our politics are very difficult , immature and zero sum game.adam fowler once said”kenyan do well in international organisation but when it comes to their community, they fight and fail to deliver.

    .Nep will require three governor to govern each county,senator who will keep county together,Mps for legislation and oversight,county assembly to play several roles including management of cdf.

    .judiciary will changed e.g police,prosecution will be truely independent,inspector generall in police will only serve 4 years and no re-election,prosecutor will serve specific term.

    .the reason why Nep supported the new constitution is mainly devolution,resource allocation, and bill of right.he imagined a situation where poverty is reduced,more allocation of resources and reduction of inequality.

    .He is aiming to elliminate gossip and trible blocks and want NEP to follow Uk system for example people from wajir county,garrissa, mandera instead of degodia,murule ogaden e.t.c.

    .he requires the the support of the people living in diaspora and warned the danger of not planing a head interms of capacity,technical,political and strategic.leadership requires good governance and quality county assembly.

    .try as much as possible to remind every kenyan leader who touch uk soil, why our roads are what they are today?

    .kenyan systems are bereaucratic and cumbersome and it took him two years to understand how it works.

    .that we should engage in positive political ideas,be organised,debate on leadership and think professionally.

    The following are update on development which has either started or will start soon or later:-

    .nomadic mobile education

    .construction of refferal hospital

    .building psychartric hospital,

    .investing on more cancer research in the county;

    .construction of one big dam and three small dams in each constituency.

    .building more secondary schools

    .making wajir high school and wajir girls into national school status.

    .road tarmacking between garrissa to madogashe confirmed,madogashe to elwak on process(AG to sign and will be sent to saudia and china)

    .sewage system in wajir underway;

    .land registry in each county to be open soon to provide tittle deed.

    Hon.Elmi finished his talk by saying that the IDPs which usually appears in the kenyan media is political and does not represent the majority of kenyan idps across.

    he also mentioned that other counties e.g Nyeri have already put in place mechanism to govern themself and if we do not follow suit then we might be left behind.

    Wajir is celebrated 100 years of existence (first Dc was posted in 1912).

    please i need your feedback and any unanswered question.

  132. Give me five more years to finish projects i have started or intend to start bla bla….. LOL, Where did i hear this before? AG? is this intended to mislead ppl.

  133. Ramadan Kareem to everyone and all

  134. Wiseman once asked,who cn tel me da mst constructive thng,i wl tel hm da mst distructive thng,da mst distructive thng bn pleasng everyone,u cnt please everyone.so lets check wht elmi has done,bt da view complain here is just hate speach,my vote is ur mr elmi.

  135. No at all,
    we are stil crying 4 better leader

  136. No at all, we are stil crying 4 a better leader

  137. The mp Hon m elmi has developed wajir east toward vision 2030 although there was segregation, He only develop Tarbaj district mansa sarman name them all but not the side of khorof harar wajir bor kotulo and riba even to the extent of giving fund to school i.e school uniform some school so the question is is m Elmi an mp for tribe or the entire wajir east i am wondering but inshallah changing will come soon or let him change this.

  138. Hon. Mohamed Elmi as a person i believe has kind and empathetic heart for the downtrodden. I’m not sure but i think his conscience won’t allow to get involved in corruption and embezzlement of public funds. He strengths probably lie in humanitarian and philanthropic disciplines, not in active politics!

    His major undoing as a politician is his lack of requisite traits to make an effective political leader. He is not articulate and hence failed effectively deliver the aspirations of Northern Kenya people through his ministry.

    His current term as MP, host to Wajir County HQs, and Minister for Northern Kenya had offered him the opportunity to offer himself as a favorable candidate for the Governor’s post for Wajir County, but his lack of audacity to assertively, delicately balance and reconcile the diverse interests of the various clans, he seems to have squandered that opportunity. He has not offered any proof that he has the ability to be a just, impartial and judicious leader, who can effectively heal the suspicion that characterizes the relationship of the various clans residing in Wajir.

  139. A famous story. Once upon a time, the family of jiir (rats) kingdom requested the hand of an elephant ‘girl’ in marriage for one of the jiir’s. The delegation went to parents of the elephant ‘girl’. When they had put up their request, they were mocked and despised; it was proportionality problem, the equation refused to balance. You see it was unimaginable that a male rat given its size a…sking for marriage from an elephant, of all creatures! The rats went away with anger, but with one statement, “wa namudnan” which meant that they would be needed one day. The Elephant King who was few yards away heard this and summoned the rats. When the rats gave their story, the king instructed the ‘girl’ be given to the jiirs. Know what; few years later there were poachers who settled near the dam and the elephants didn’t get access to water for days. The elephant king sent delegates to the rat kingdom for solution. The rats said that was easy and the elephant could take water the first thing following morning, they further told them that they would take responsibility if any of the elephants was harmed. That night they tasked a contingent of rats who went to the poachers’ camp and cut the strings of all their bows. They also took away the pieces of strings. That following morning the elephant family went to the watering point with no problem.
    Lesson Learned:” What can happen will happen”, no matter ability, everyone is useful in away. One may betray another but ultimately, s/he will be back in need. “Be good to people when you are up, they will receive you when coming down”

  140. I have nothing against Hon Mohamed Elmi, the minister but he appears to be giving the impression that he is on a revenge mission. In such missions whether it is justified or not one needs precision lest he aims at an innocent one. Again you can revenge from
    an individual but not a whole clan or clans.

  141. I’m gone to convey my little brother, that he should also pay a quick visit this webpage on regular basis to get updated from newest news update.

  142. wa war cusub

    • may be we r not from wjr east those who r claiming m.fai has done development r idiots who took bribe from him he is a failer shit wjr east pple missed hon. Moh,d abdi

  143. good debate thnx our fellow youth leave of tribalism defending

  144. leave of tribe defending says the fact and truth

  145. am also hopefully future canditate for wajir east M.P inshallahu am youth like u leave of tribe let us leave of wazee electing

  146. Hahahahahahaha, this politics related YouTube video is really so comical, I loved it. Thanks in favor of sharing this. eedaccdkkdff

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